Drivers From Finland

Welcome to our page!

Here you can get to know StFin Team members better, see the dates of upcoming races and much more. We also arrange usually our own cups and races which are open for all. See the race info from above for additional information.

Our team has 8 great racers with a variety of personalities and a one manager who tries to hold us on the leach. As a team, we usually race a lot and try to keep our rank rating in the top of the board. We also try to keep live meetings with the team two times a year to have fun and to chat face to face in person.

We don’t play LFS. We live for it.. Prepare to get smoked on the track

We hope that you will enjoy your stay at our pages and we hope to see you soon again. Remember to leave something to our guestbook

The photos and the images on the pages are property of StFin and they will not be disclosed and may not be copied without permission.

If you have questions or you have encountered a problem with the page , feel free to contact mainteinance at: admin[at]

We are also recruiting new members you don’t have to be finnish any nationality is fine. If you think you’re good enough and active enough to be in here give it a shot. The age limit is 18 but we can think about it if you’re age is 17.